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The US Newswires network can help promote your product or service. For only $50 you can submit a press release or story, and we will share it with one of our industry specific Newswires (Tech, Financial, Fashion, HealthTech, HealthNewswires or Political). The combined USNewswires network reaches more than 920,000 unique viewers a month, according to AWStats – the independent analytics sourcing site. Our numbers and reach continue to grow every month.

A press release posted on the US Newswires network brings immediate online exposure to your brand. It’s more affordable than advertising and a more professional way to share company news announcements with the world. Press releases are also a proven way to improve your search ranking with Google, Yahoo and Bing. A press release with proper meta tags will rank even higher.

You can submit your press release in the form below. We will not post press release until payment is received. Payment is made on the next page. We will post your press release within 24 hours after receiving payment.

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