Hedge Fund PR for Online Exposure

Hedge Fund PR for Funds Seeking Online Exposure

By Jon Davis

A new tech start-up is reinventing the way hedge funds introduce their portfolios and strategies to investors in the online world, while controlling the message so it is compliant with the JOBS Act.

FinancialNewswires is the first content syndicator to go directly to financial bloggers and online news sites with original stories that are ready for publication.

Press releases have historically been used by financial organizations to make announcements, but journalists have come to see press releases as paid advertisements. As a result, online news sites and editors rarely publish press releases.

FinancialNewswires disrupts the PR newswire industry by generating original content for financial bloggers and online news sites that want to publish news stories. This more innovative approach increases the chances for online media coverage and exposure. In addition, FinancialNewswires allows hedge funds and private equity firms to control the message, even after it is published.

Stories are published only after a fund has approved the story.

How does FinancialNewswires Work?

The FinancialNewswires integrated platform pushes original stories directly to reporters, editors and producers – in their newsrooms and at their desks, using the same licensed technology that most other PR newswires companies use.

This form of content marketing can also improve a company’s online brand and ranking with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Content is the primary driving force behind all search engine rankings. The more a firm’s name, business or website appears in the news or online, the more search engine sites, like Google and Yahoo, believe a site has credibility. As a result, search algorithms push a website site higher when its names or website shows up on news sites.

FinancialNewswires provides three unique marketing approaches: 1) The Basic Package for $79, which posts a company’s story and syndicates it to its affiliated financial newsrooms. 2) The Writer Package, which turns a verbal narrative into an online story that is published and syndicated to all affiliated newsrooms. 3) The PR Pro Package, which provides the same services from the Basic and Writer Packages but also sends a story to any 10 financial newsrooms of your choice.

FinancialNewswires continually compiles new media lists of financial journalists with the most established news organizations, including CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes and targeted sites, like HedgeFundAlert.

FinancialNewswires has partnered with the top financial PR firm, Macias PR, which brings editorial direction to the writers with FinancialNewswires. The New York-based PR firm has worked with hedge funds, private equity firms and financial services, securing major media placements with nearly every financial publication, including the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Financial Times and Bloomberg News.

In addition to FinancialNewswires, this new form of content marketing is also targeting other industries, including tech, fashion, politics and the Spanish Media. You can read more on those PR services at  TechNewswires, FashionNewswires, PoliticalNewswires and SpanishNewswires.

Authored by: US Newswires